5914 Center Street Omaha, NE.
Mon-Thurs 7AM-9:30PM
Fri-Sat 7AM-10PM
Closed Sundays
and Holidays

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Bar Menu

  • $6.75

    Absolut Vodka, ginger beer and lime juice served over ice in a copper mug with fresh lime.

  • Absolut Vodka, peach schnapps, cranberry and orange juice combine in a tasty combination!

  • $6.75

    Absolut Vodka, Bacardi Rum, tequila and blue curacao sweetened with sweet and sour and 7up.

  • Absolut Vodka, Tanqueray Gin and Everclear with 7 up, Squirt and Mountain Dew for a midtown Omaha favorite.

  • $5.75

    Our classic blended margarita floating in an ice cold Corona. Refreshing!

  • Budweiser, Bud Light, Michelob Ultra, O’Doul’s, Miller Light and Miller Genuine Draft

  • 20 ounce ice cold schooner of Budweiser or Bud Light Draft

  • 20 ounces of ice cold Shock Top Belgian White Beer on tap

  • Enjoy a 20 ounce schooner of Goose Island IPA draft beer.

  • A 20 ounce ice cold schooner of Stella Artois